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BazarBit , An eCommerce Website Builder is a viable platform for you to develop your own professional, out-of-the-box stores in no time.Developed specifically to match your brand, choose from our wide range of ecommerce website templates to establish your brand online.

How to Create your Online store ?

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Why Bazarbit ?

Bazarbit is the easiest e-commerce website builder which allows you to create a professional and stunning e-commerce stores in a flash. It is developed specifically to cater to all your brand requirements. We provide the widest range of exquisite and elegant themes to distinguish your brand and inspire your customers. Build a future with us.

No Maintenance

All services and solutions is provided to stores without any maintenance charges.

No Hosting Costing

We provide the best and standard hosting services without any cost.

Cloud Based Solution

We provide AWS based standard cloud based solution.

Secured Solution

All contents and pages have high level securities.

No Downtime

Architecture and solutions is provided with none time of downtime guarantee.

Pay as per your Plan

Make payment as per your selected plans.

Free Upgrades

We will provide latest upgrades and reauired functionalists in timely manner without any extra cost

No Large Amount to Pay

No need to pay large amount. stores can be run with selection of minimum subscription plan.

Get your Web and App Instantly

We will provide website and mobile applications instantly.

Website, Mobile Web, iOS App and Android App

We will deliver all these three things as per the subscription plan selection.

Your Brand Presence Online

We will make your brand presence online with creating your stores.

Dedicated Support and Training

Our team always ready to help and assist you.

Build your stores in minutes!

Creating a successful e-commerce site was never so easy. BazarBit eCommerce website Builder is a viable platform for you to create eCommerce website, out-of-the-box stores in no time. Developed specifically to match your brand, choose from our wide range of stunning and intuitive themes to establish your brand online.

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How to use Bazarbit for your stores ?

Guiding you every step of the way

Make your brand online with ecommerce website and mobile application

Upload products or catalogue

Manage your products and inventory

Create promotions and offers

Attract/Engage your clients with App push notifications and Newsletter

Recieve orders and payments

Manage delivery and logistics

Depth report and analysis


Build your stores with marvelous BazarBit's features that come straight out of the box.

  • Cloud based e-commerce solution

    BazarBit provides AWS based standard cloud-based solution. Which boosts your business opportunities, your online visibility as well as your sales.

  • Bulk Invoicing

    BazarBit's bulk invoicing allows you to perform certain actions on multiple invoices at once saving your time and effort.

  • SEO Optimized Web

    BazarBit is also SEO Optimized Web, which is beneficial for improving traffic to a website by obtaining high rank.

  • Multi Currency and Language

    BazarBit provides multi-currency and multi language e-commerce solution for different country and also takes into account any additional charges that are applicable to that destination.

  • App Analytics

    BazarBit provides detail google app analytics for the proper interpretation and meaningful patterns in data.

  • Cart Rules

    BazarBit’s Shopping cart price rules create discounts for orders at the checkout level. Discount is applied automatically as soon as the conditions are met, or when coupon code is valid.

  • POS System

    BazarBit provides POS system for adding convenience, accuracy and save time in busy situations.

  • Affiliate Program

    BazarBit's provides best affiliate program which helps you to boost sales of your business rapidly.

  • Social Media Login

    BazarBit provides social media login of recent trends in social software and social commerce and allows you to access social media like Facebook and other social media sites.

  • Inventory Management

    BazarBit provides you with real-time updates for all your inventories so that you never miss out on meeting all your customers' requirements.

  • Marketplace

    BazarBit provides a marketplace, in which one can find different brands of products coming from multiple vendors, shops or person showcased on the same platform.

  • User Privileges Management

    BazarBit provides User Privilege management for administering digital user identities and the rights of those identities to perform actions on specified resources.

  • Multi Outlet

    BazarBit provides you with real-time updates for all your products so that you never miss out on meeting all your customers' requirements.

  • Multi stores/Warehouse

    BazarBit provides you with real-time updates for all your products so that you never miss out on meeting all your customers' requirements.

  • Bulk Product Upload

    BazarBit provides bulk product uploading which will save you a lot of time and effort compared to individual upload of product entries.

  • Social Media Plugins

    BazarBit provides social media plugin which supports all the leading networking sites so that you can quickly set it up and increase awareness of your social presence.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    BazarBit comes with pre-integrated payment gateways with PayU Money, PayPal, Ccavenue, Instamojo for faster and more secured checkouts leading to more revenue for you.

  • Logistics and Courior Service Integration

    BazarBit provides logistics courier service integration which helps you for a safe delivery for any heavy portable product of smaller dimension or any other.

  • SMS Integration

    BazarBit keeps updating clients on their purchases and get notified with this and show the track of item or products, offers, and promotions.

  • Push Notification

    BazarBit provides push notification fully for customer satisfaction likewise for product tracking of it in process delivery, delivered and also about the relevant product or latest product.

  • Promotion Code Management

    BazarBit's code management, consisting of letters or numbers that consumers can enter into a promotional box on a site's shopping cart to obtain a discount on their purchase.

  • Tax Module

    BazarBit provides Automatic Tax Calculator for tax module calculation which includes a different tax on the product while purchasing.


Developed specifically to match your brand, choose from our wide range of stunning and intuitive themes to establish your brand online.

Who can create stores on Bazarbit ?

Do you want to create an online stores? Create your stores with BazarBit

  • Fashion stores

  • Vegetable stores

  • Bakeri & Dairy

  • Footwear stores

  • Grocery stores

  • Medical stores

  • Jewellry stores

  • Furniture & Decor

  • Electronics stores

  • Spa & Saloon

  • Flowers stores

  • Gift stores

  • Religious item stores

  • Agricultural Products

  • Pet food & Accessories

  • Stationary

  • Any product manufacturer and Wholesaler

  • Subscription & Service provider

And Many More

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Benefits with Bazarbit

BazarBit provides AWS based standard cloud-based solution.

Manage real time product inventory

Boost sales through promotions and push notification

Promotion on events and festivals

Customer list and engagement



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